Gang Priority Manager

This feature is part of the Gang Priority Module.
Elyxir allows you to create gangs in your Discord, so that gang owners can give away priority to their members without asking you to do it for them!



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.
This feature also requires you to use a Discord-based queue system such as v-queue and badger-discordqueue.

Configure the gang priority system

In order to set up the gang priority system, all you need to do is run the /gangpriority setup command, specifying the manager role and the logs channel. You can change this at any time by re-running the command.
The manager role will be able to create gangs at will and give as many people them as they want, so make sure they are trusted!

Creating and upgrading gangs

To create a gang, all you need to do is run the /gang create command.
It is important to note that the tier parameter refers to the role the bot should give (the priority role).
The gang owner will automatically be sent a direct message congratulating them on their purchase and explaining how to give priority out - if they have direct messages in your server enabled.

Upgrading Gangs

In order to update the tier or slots parameters, you need to use the /gang upgrade command. However, you cannot lower the amount of slots! If you upgrade their tier, it will automatically remove the old tier from all of the members and add the new one!

Looking up gangs

In some cases, you may need to check the amount of slots a gang currently has, the current members of the gang, or even the owner of a gang. In this case, you can run the /gang lookup command in order to view this information
The /gang lookup command provides an in-depth view into the specified gang

Listing Gangs

In order to check the amount of registered gangs, or to find a specific gang if you have forgotten their name, you can run the /gang list command. This will allow you to easily view information for all of the gangs in your server.

Commands for gang owners

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