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This feature is part of the Verification Module.
The Verification feature allows you to create a customisable verification embed either using the Simple or Passport format.


The default verification embed looks like this, but you can change it to look however you want!


Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.

Create a Verification Embed

This module has three types of verification panels. For this reason, the setup guide is split up into two parts.
You can skip to the type that you wish to use here:

Simple Verification

This type of verification simply requires your users to press a button to be verified.
This is the default embed for Simple verification. You can adjust this later.
To set up this type of verification, use the /verification setup command, and select Simple for the type parameter.

FiveM Passport Verification

Our new FiveM passport verification makes verification more tailored to SeriousRP, keeping the experience immersive.
The bot automatically updates the username of all members as they verify, for example, Steve Adams would become S. Adams. Your members can also look up someone's verification data using the /verification lookup command.
This is the form which will be displayed for your users when they verify
This is the default embed for Passport verification. You can adjust this later.
To set up this type of verification, use the /verification setup command, and select FiveM Passport for the type parameter.

Captcha Verification

Our most recent addition to the module is our captcha verification system.
This verification style is harder to bypass than standard captchas, because it cannot be solved by systems such as capmonster. The backend IDs for the verification are obfuscated, and as such it is more difficult to circumvent than our standard verification panels.
To setup this style of verification, run the /verification setup command and select Captcha Verification for the type parameter.

Adjusting the Embed

Adjusting the embed for both types of verification is the same. Simply run the /verification embed command and use the form to specify all of the embed parameters.
Some embed parameters are only available for users with the Deluxe Tier.
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