Sticky Roles

This feature is part of the Sticky Roles Module.
This feature 'sticks' roles to users, so that if they leave the server and rejoin then the role will be reapplied to them. This is especially useful for roles such as 'Wager Blacklist' roles.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.

Create a Sticky Role

Enabling our sticky-roles system for a role is really easy! Once you have enabled the module, you can simply run /stickyroles create and then select the role. Make sure the bot is above the role, so it can give the role it's intended to give.
The bot is at risk of being quarantined by security bots if you have restrictive verification systems setup (such as Wick's captcha verification).

View existing Sticky Roles

To view all of the existing sticky roles in the Discord Server, run the /stickyroles list command. A list of all of the sticky roles in the Discord server will be sent in response.
The Cached Users field for the role shows the number of users who have left the server with the role and will be re-given the role if they rejoin the server.

Delete Sticky Roles

To delete a sticky role, run the /stickyroles delete command. This means that the role will no longer be re-added to members who joined and previously had the role.
This action is irreversible. Make sure to select the intended role, as our support cannot recover deleted Sticky Roles!
Last modified 6mo ago