😑Status Blacklist

This feature is part of the Status Blacklist Module.

Elyxir has a dynamic Status Blacklist feature which automatically performs an action to your members if their status contains a blacklisted keyword.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.


Once you have enabled the module, you just need to run the /status_blacklist add command, then use the required parameters to quickly and easily blacklist a keyword from statuses.

Our bot automatically recognises common reiterations. If a status includes .gg/elyxir, but the blacklisted vanity is discord.gg/elyxir, it will be detected anyway.

Removing a URL from the Blacklist

If you decide that people should no longer be banned for representing another server, you can remove the blacklist. To remove the blacklist, run the /status_blacklist del command with its required parameter. Important: This will not unban the users who were already banned for using a blacklisted term in their status

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