Welcome System

This feature is part of the Welcome Module.
Our welcome module features clean image generation along with customisation and parameters to improve your user experience!


Setup the Welcome System

The welcome system is designed with customisation and ease of use in mind. To set it up, simply run the /welcome setup command, specifying just the channel.
Once you have run this command, you will be shown a popup with the customisable parameters for the module. The default configuration will be shown. For many, this will be enough, and you can submit this by just pressing the Submit button.
The existing parameters are listed below.
{member.mention} - Mention the user who joined the server
{member.username}- The username of the member in format @username
{} - The user id who changed their status
{} - The server name where the event was triggered
{} - The server id where the event was triggered
{generateImage} - A flag for the image generation to be displayed
The {generateImage} parameter can only be used in the embed image field or in the message content.
The default configuration is shown as default.
Last modified 3mo ago