Embed Creation

This feature is a base functionality which means that it cannot be disabled
A particularly useful feature, embed creation allows you to generate a simple embed through Discord. A single command can allow you to generate an embed!


Generating an Embed

Run the /embed generate command. A form will pop up on your screen. Then, simply fill out the form and an embed will be generated in the channel you initialized the command in. All of the fields are optional, however, you must define at least one field for the embed to be successfully generated.
You can find a hex colour using this link.

Editing an Embed

Editing an existing embed is very simple. Simply run the /embed edit command, supplying the message id of the embed.
You can obtain the message ID by right-clicking the message and selecting "Copy ID". The existing content of that embed will be automatically added to the popup so you can continue from what's already in the embed.
Last modified 3mo ago