Sits Tracker

This feature is part of the Sits Tracking Module.
The Sits Tracking feature allows you to monitor staff activity for your FiveM server by monitoring reactions in the EasyAdmin webhook channel.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.


To set first run the /sitstracker setup command, making sure that you supply all of the arguments. "What do they mean?" you might ask. Well, you can read below for the roles and what each of them can do.

Static Permissions

This module has a separate permissions system.
Regular Member
Staff Role
Manager Role
Access their own sits
Access other staff's sits
Export all of the sits recorded in the database
Wipe the sits database
Members with the administrator permission bypass all of these restrictions.

Input Sanitation

In order to avoid staff exploiting the system, we have a strict set of conditions before a reaction is counted as a sit mark.
  • [BUILT-IN] Only one reaction per report-message is counted
  • [BUILT-IN] Only one emoji per report-message is counted
  • [BUILT-IN] The report-message must be under 1 hour old
  • [BUILT-IN] Reactions must be in the report-logs channel
  • [OPTIONAL] Owners can configure the webhook ID to avoid people reacting to their own messages.
We highly recommend the last option. Configuring it is also easy! First, go to your EasyAdmin report logs channel. Then, copy the webhook URL of the correct webhook.
You can easily copy the Webhook URL using the native button.
Then, when you run the /sitstracker setup command, supply the optional webhook-url parameter.


The commands used by your staff for this module are all covered in the Sits Tracking commands section. They are also listed below.
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