Applications System

This feature is part of the Applications Module.
Tired of using Google Forms for applications? Consider our game-changing alternative; Elyxir's Application system allows you to bring back control and host applications using our very own system! The bot integrates with the steam API to provide stats about the account which they specify.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.

Create an Application Panel

In its current state, our applications system allows you to create applications based on our presets. You can create an EMS, POLICE, STAFF or MECHANIC application panels but in the future we plan to add custom application types.
To create a panel, run the /applications create command, providing a name for the panel with some other assorted details.

View Responses to your Applications

To view and respond to applications, navigate to the logs channel which you specified.
To view their responses in their application, use the View Application Response button.
If you wish to accept or deny their application, press the corresponding button and write a reason.
An example of the reason you could provide for accepting an application.
The reason you provide is front facing. This means that the applicant will be able to see the reason, so be nice!

Delete an Application Panel

It is exceptionally easy to delete an application panel. In order to do so, run the /applications delete command and specify the panel name.

Generate a Multi-panel

To create a panel displaying multiple applications, you can simply run the /applications multi command and select the panels you want to display in the multi-panel.
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