♻️Restarts Notifications

This feature is part of the Restarts Module.

The Restarts feature automatically sends a message once your server restarts, with optional configuration.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have access to this feature, however Deluxe Tier provides more customisation options.

You need to use TXAdmin Announcement Notifications to use this functionality.


Run the /restarts setup command, then supply the relevant information. You can give the connect link, or just the IP of the server. The bot will automatically correct this. Once you have configured the module, it will automatically respond to the webhook!

Modifying the Embed

If you are unhappy with the default look for the embed, you can change it yourself. Users with the Deluxe Tier have more customisation for this section.

To modify the embed, you can use the /restarts embed command. A form will pop-up on your screen, and you can change the configuration yourself. To change the colour, you will need to use hex values.

You can find a hex colour using this link.

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