Ticketing System

This feature is part of the Ticketing Module.
Elyxir's most complex feature is certainly the Ticketing System, featuring many unique features we're sure you've never seen before!


The default ticket panel can look something like this.


Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions currently have full functionality access to this feature.

Preparing the Ticketing Module

Once you've enabled the module using the /modules enable command, you'll need to run the /tickets setup command, making sure to supply the transcripts log channel, the amount of stages needed to close a ticket, whether to DM users transcripts, and whether to send users a DM when they create a ticket.

Creating a Panel

Once you've completed the preparation for the Ticketing System, it's time to create a new panel. To do this, you can run the /panel create command, and supply the necessary information. You may be interested in the types of panels, and these are displayed below.

Standard Panel

A typical panel, performing as a regular ticket bot's panel would. You press a button and the ticket is created.

Tebex Donations Panel

This panel integrates with the Tebex Verification feature, and allows users to enter their Tebex Transaction ID to fetch their Transaction data.

Bug Reports Panel

The Bug Reports panel asks the user questions about the bug they are reporting in order to make finding and fixing any bugs much easier for you and your development team!

Ban Appeals Panel

This panel is the most complex, as after the user creates the ticket it asks them two more questions and provides all of the information below to ensure that all of the necessary data is available for the management to review the appeal.

Staff Reports

The Staff Reports panel allows users to easily provide information related to reporting a staff member. When a community member creates a ticket, it asks for information about the report using a form, and then displays this information in the ticket.

Modifying Panel Permissions

Modifying the permissions of a panel is easy. You just need to run the /panel permissions command for each role you want to give permissions making sure to include the name of the panel to modify.

Generating a Multipanel

Multipanels allow you to display more than one panel in a single message, and in Elyxir they can be shown in one of two formats; a buttons multipanel or a dropdown multipanel. Fortnunately, both of them are easy to generate.
To generate a multi-panel, simply run the /panel multi command and select the type of multipanel you would like to use. Then, your panels will all be shown in the multipanel!
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