Mass Unbans

This feature is part of the Miscellaneous Module.
Elyxir allows you to unban all of the members in your server, giving your community a second chance and helping to boost activity in large servers which often have hundreds or even thousands of banned players.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.

Mass Unban

To unban all of the members from your server, you need to run the /mass-unban command. You will need the ADMINISTRATOR permission in order to execute this command. It may take a while to complete this task, but the embed will automatically update when everyone has been unbanned.
You may also need to whitelist Elyxir#1470 on any Server Protections bots (such as Wick and Security) or the bot may be automatically removed from your server by those bots.
This action cannot be undone. Use it with caution!
Last modified 3mo ago