Tebex Verification

This feature is part of the Tebex Verification Module.
Elyxir has a Tebex Verification feature which allows you to lookup transactions, verify transactions and more!


Your Tebex Discord Logs will look something like this!


Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.


To set up this module, you'll need to run the /tebex setup command and fill all of the required parameters. The certified parameter optionally allows you to determine a Tebex Certified Role.
Next, you need to head to the Tebex Dashboard and navigate to the Webstore => Notifications tab. Then, select Discord and then for each payment event, press "Customise this Event Message" and use the following templates. (You can copy and paste these)

Payment Received

{webstore} has received a payment ╽ From: {username} ╽ Price: {price} ╽ Package: {packagename} ╽ Transaction ID: {transactionid} ╽ Email: {EMAIL}

Payment Chargeback

{webstore} has received a chargeback ╽ From: {username} ╽ Price: {price} ╽ Package: {packagename} ╽ Transaction ID: {transactionid} ╽ Email: {EMAIL}
LEGAL: We do not process any identifying details to avoid legal concerns. We store Tebex Transaction IDs, Product Details, and Payment Amounts for use within the /lookup command.


The commands used by your staff for this module are all covered in the Tebex Commands section. They are also listed below.
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