Vanity Roles

This feature is part of the Vanity Roles Module.
Elyxir has a fully customisable Vanity Roles feature which promotes your server to a new audience while providing loyalty rewards to your members!


Your vanity notifications could look like this!


Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.


To set up this feature, you need to run the /vanityroles setup command. You need to provide all of the parameters
You can change the configuration for this module at any time using the /vanityroles subcommands.


We now have custom configuration commands which allows you to change individual settings without changing all of them, which all have the /vanityroles parent command.

Notification Type

You can also choose where to send the message. This is called the Notification Type and can be changed using the /vanityroles notification .

Vanity URL

Changing the VanityURL for your server is easy! Simply use the /vanityroles url command and type your vanity URL. .gg/elyxir or are both acceptable formats.
The URL command modifies your URL automatically to ensure that common aliases are allowed for in statuses, for example .gg/elyxir is accepted when the URL is

Notification Message

You can also change the colour and description for the embed using the /vanityroles embed command. You can use the parameters which are located here in your message to make it easier!
The default description is: {member} has added the vanity ({vanityURL}) to their status, their role has been added.

Embed Colour

The embed colour is determined by the branding colour, so it is only possible to change this if you use a Custom Bot which requires the Deluxe Tier. You can change this using the /branding colour command.

Vanity Channel

To change the Notification Channel -which only works if your notification type is set to Log Channel- just run the /vanityroles channel command and select the correct channel.

Vanity Role

To set the Vanity Role, run the /vanityroles role command and select your new role.


Our custom VanityRoles Parameters make it easy to customise your notification embed!
{member.mention} - Mention the user who changed their status
{member} - Alias of {member.mention}
{member.tag} - The username of the member in format User#0000
{} - The user id who changed their status
{} - The server name where the event was triggered
{} - The server id where the event was triggered
{vanityURL} - The vanity URL for your server
To suggest additional parameters, contact us in our discord server.
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