Statistics Embed

This feature is part of the FiveM Statistics Module.
The FiveM Statistics feature allows you to create an embed which tracks your server's status, and automatically updates every 30 seconds.



Premium Tier and Deluxe Tier subscriptions have full functionality access to this feature.


Run the /statistics setup command, then supply the relevant information. For the cfx code parameter, take the part after for your connect link. For example, gzrglo.
To modify the configuration, you can simply re-run the /statistics setup command and use the new information you desire!


The embed colour is determined by the branding colour, so it is only possible to change this if you use a Custom Bot which requires the Deluxe Tier. You can change this using the /branding colour command.
The image in the embed is by default your Discord Server Banner. However, if your server does not have a banner, we will derive it instead from the server profile.
Last modified 3mo ago