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Managing a FiveM Server; Made Simple. Elyxir.

Managing a FiveM server. Made simple. Elyxir aims to remove the hard work of running a FiveM Discord Server, and our comprehensive documentation helps us reach our goal!

About Elyxir

Elyxir is currently in a stage of development known as "open beta". This means that users should anticipate bugs and errors with the service. We will do our best to remove them as quickly as we can after they are reported.

You can view our Privacy Policy here and our Terms of Service here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we charge monthly?

Charging for lifetime licences is unsustainable and stops us from reaching our visions for the project- we would eventually run out of money, halting development and forcing us to shut down. Therefore, our recurring payment system should be considered beneficial for your FiveM server as it allows us to keep the bot up to date and release new unique and interesting features!

How do I report bugs?

You can report bugs by creating a support ticket in our Discord Server.

How can I upgrade my licence from Premium to Deluxe?

Please create a billing ticket in our Discord Server, we will do our best to help you with this.

How should I use the documentation?

We recommend scrolling through the features, as well as the front page for each of the features which provides images of the features. Then, for features you wish to use, follow the setup instructions. You can view more information for any commands in the documentation by clicking on them.

How can I manage my recurring subscription?

Our /premium command allows you to manage your recurring subscription. You can also create a billing ticket in our Discord Server for assistance with your billing.

How can I suggest a feature?

We are very interested in customer feedback! If you have an idea for something we could add to the bot, please suggest it in our Discord Server !

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