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Adding the bot

Managing a FiveM Server; Made Simple. Elyxir.
Managing a FiveM server. Made simple. Elyxir aims to remove the hard work of running a FiveM Discord Server, and our comprehensive documentation helps us reach our goal!
The official Elyxir bot is Elyxir#1470. Any others are fake and shouldn't be added to your server!
Before you add the bot, please read the Service Terms. Once you do so, adding the bot to your server is easy! Simply click this link to add the bot, and make sure to select the server you want to use the bot in.
If you purchased using our automated store, your license will be automatically applied to the server! Otherwise, run the /redeem command to apply a licence code to your server.

Next Steps...

Next, you'll need to decide on the features you wish to use. You can view the feature list at the page below.
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