Managing a FiveM Server; Made Simple. Elyxir.
Managing a FiveM server. Made simple. Elyxir aims to remove the hard work of running a FiveM Discord Server, and our comprehensive documentation helps us reach our goal!

About Modules

Elyxir is a fully modular bot allowing you to use the functionality you need, and ditch the ones you don't. But how do you set it up? This page explains how.

What are Modules?

Modules are the individual sub-functions of the bot. For example, we have a neat "Tags" module which allows you to create custom commands for your server.

How do I enable Modules?

Enabling modules is easy! Simply use the /modules enable and /modules disable commands to enable and disable the Modules you do and don't need. Each command within the commands section contains its module at the top of the page.
Last modified 5mo ago