Custom Bots

This feature is a base functionality which means that it cannot be disabled
Elyxir maintains full support for Custom Instances with our Deluxe Tier. Once you purchase the bot in our store, setting it up is easy!


Your custom instance could look like this!


Custom Instances are only available for servers with the Deluxe Tier. You can purchase it in our store.

Creating your bot

In order to set your custom instance up, you'll first need to create the bot on the Discord Developer Portal, where you'll need to log in and press the New Application button at the top.
Then, name your project and click "Create". Now, select the Bot tab, and press Add Bot.
To obtain the Bot Token, press Reset Token and, if required, enter your 2FA code. Then, copy your token
Then, to find the Client ID, head back to the "General Information" tab and copy the Application ID.
Before continuing, enable ALL privileged intents for the bot. You can do this in the Bot tab. The bot requires Presence, Messages, and Server Members

Setting up the Custom Instance

Setting up the custom bot is easy! You can set up your custom bot using the /branding setup command in the server you wish to use it in. You won't be able to set your token unless you have the "Custom Instance" tier at our shop, which you can purchase here.
Do not share this token with anyone! Our development team will never ask for this.
We refuse to take responsibility if your server is nuked out of carelessness for your token.
The only bot which will ever ask for your token for our purposes is Elyxir#1470. Do not share it with any other bot!
If you are concerned that you may have been victim of social engineering, reset your bot token and contact our support.

Additional Information

  • Your data will automatically transfer
  • We recommend kicking the main instance if you use a custom instance to avoid errors or duplicate responses

Customising your bot

To customise the bot, open the Discord Developer Portal and select the correct application.

About Me

To change the "About Me" for the bot, select the General Information tab for your bot on the Discord Developer Portal, and enter the desired "About Me" in the Description field.

Embed Colour

One of the customizable features on the bot is the colour of the embeds. You can change this using the /branding colour command if you own the Deluxe tier.


You can change the status of your bot using commands using the /branding status command. This will enable you to adjust the status to your liking


The Status option supports dynamic parameters. If you wish for more to be added, you could suggest them in our discord server.
{fivemPlayers:CFX_CODE} - The number of players in the specified FiveM Server
{fivemMax:CFX_CODE} - The maximum number of players for the specified FiveM Server
{guildMembers} - The amount of members in your Discord Server.
{guildName} - The name of your Discord Server.
Make sure you replace CFX_CODE with your FiveM CFX code. For example, 4epke8.
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